The page "Kermit File Transfer and Management as an SSH Subsystem" at

recommends doing Kermit over SSH by setting up Kermit as an SSH
subsystem on the host and using SET HOST /PIPE to connect to the Kermit
SSH subsystem.

However, my host (an embedded device) only has the dropbear SSH daemon,
and cannot be configured to support Kermit as a subsystem.

However, I have found that using the following works just fine (from
"2.7. Using C-Kermit with External Communication Programs" on the page )

set host /pty ssh -e none user@host

followed by scripting to take care of logging into the host and
invoking Kermit as a server.

Besides the work of creating the extra scripting, is there any serious
drawbacks to this approach, versus the subsystem setup? It seems solid
to me, and frankly I really don't want to bother with getting OpenSSH
working on my device just so I can run Kermit as a SSH subsystem, in
light of this approach which seems to work just as well.

Any comments or suggestions are appreciated!