On Sat, 12 Mar 2005 08:52:49 -0500, Yannick Turgeon wrote:

> Vincent Panel wrote:
>> Maybe try nc instead (formerly netcat) : urpmi nc . I think nc is more
>> designed to do "telnet-like" things.

> Not really a possible solution because I'm programming using Ruby and I
> use the Telnet module and I want it to be portable as much as possible.
> In despair, I'll take a look.

For a scriptable telnet that can be called from and pass data to
other programs look at c-kermit. I have used it successfully by
calling c-kermit from a perl program to talk to a pager terminal
and passing data back to the perl program via c-kermit.

comp.protocols.kermit.misc added as an x-post group. Please followup
there for discussion of c-kermit.

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