I'm using kermit to establish - ftp over ssl connection to a Netware
ftp server. My specs: Solaris 8, openssl v0.9.7d, C-Kermit v8.0.211

I have setup a script to make the connection:

set auth tls verify no - using self signed cert
set ftp passive-mode on - i know it's default
set auth tls verify-file /home/users/xxxx/ca_certs.pem
set ftp authtype tls
set file display none
set window 3
set receive packet-length 1000
ftp open validhost.net 21 /user:.valid.user.name /password:!validpswd

I get connected both - command & data channels encrypted.

The problem I have is when I upload a file - text or binary - the
upload is always wrong... most text files i get the ftp 226 Transfer
complete - but the server shows the file as 0 bytes. This is on any
size file.
Also, getting files over 500K in size - only half the file gets

The server is NOT behind any firewall - while my client solaris
server, is behind a firewall, with a NAT'd address. Our security
group does see the connection being made and the negotiated ports
being used.
The server side - does not see any issues... they see the connection
and the STOR command but the file is still 0 bytes.

Anyone have any ideas - what to look at ?!?