As tech-support questions come in by email, netnews, etc, we try to
keep the appropriate FAQs updated. Recent changes include:

. More and more information about how to invoke Kermit 95 from
other processes: in C++, in Java; to make a connection, to use
an existing connection; to execute Telnet protocol, to use a
raw socket:

. More hints and tips about what to do when various types of keys
(arrow, F-keys, numeric keypad, editing keys) don't work in the
Kermit 95's terminal screen:

. Kermit 95 installation and upgrade problems:

FTP related questions and answers have been split off into their own
new, separate FAQ:

which is mostly devoted to secure connections, with special sub-pages
on particular services, such as IBM Info Exchange:

And First Health Services Corporation:

The latter two are indicative of Kermit's growing role in secure e-commerce:
trading partners, medical and pharmaceutical claim submission, etc.

Suggestions for further FAQ entries are always welcome.

- Frank