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Michael Bernardi wrote:
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: "Frank da Cruz" wrote:
: > As you probably know, MS-DOS Kermit is taken care of by a volunteer
: > developer at another site. Since 1999, as you know, life has become
: > harder; many people who were able to devote copious time to such
: > projects are now struggling to keep their real jobs or otherwise put
: > food on the table.
: Ay, keeping food on the table is of prime importance. It would be nice
: to have a final release version though!
Yes it would. Back in the old days, when somebody wanted something like
this done, they would often do it themselves. That's how we got hundreds
and hundreds of Kermit programs. In fact, that's how we got MS-DOS Kermit
2.29 and later.

: > It's an amazing and historic piece of software -- it does more in fewer
: > bytes than any other program I can think of.
: Yes, it still does the business. Are any of the other Kermit versions
: still being developed? Or is C-Kermit now it ;(
C-Kermit is available for hundreds of different hardware/OS/version
combinations. Kermit 95 is available for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
and OS/2. What were you looking for?

- Frank