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> "Frank da Cruz" wrote:
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>> Michael Bernardi wrote:
>> > Is there any chance that the current 3.16 beta version of MS-Kermit
>> > might come out of beta testing? It's been 4 years after all!
>> >

>> As you probably know, MS-DOS Kermit is taken care of by a volunteer
>> developer at another site. Since 1999, as you know, life has become
>> harder; many people who were able to devote copious time to such
>> projects are now struggling to keep their real jobs or otherwise put
>> food on the table.

> Ay, keeping food on the table is of prime importance. It would be nice
> to have a final release version though!

Yes, but then so is rounding out a product. Tell you what.
This coming weekend I'll make version 3.16 without "beta" and that
will round out things.
Joe D.