Michael Bernardi wrote:
> Also if anyone can point me to a script for MS-Kermit that allows for
> recursive copying of directories I'd be very grateful. I need to copy
> material from a 486 running MS-DOS to a Pentium running Free Dos via an
> ethernet connection, and dispite various alternative solution the
> simplest looks like the MS-Kermit one.

There is an executable called xsend.exe that was included with some
distributions of Kermit. It's purpose was to create a recursive listing
as a kermit script. Not quite as handy as having recursive built in,
but I used it to back up my PC to a Unix box on a serial link in the
early 90's.

There it is, in the utils folder of the msvibm.zip

has msixse.c and .exe, which looks like it might be the same thing.

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