Jud Hardcastle wrote:
> Some background: My parttime home is a houseboat.

> Besides personal Internet stuff, I connect to the office WAN for network
> files and Notes by dialing into an ISP and connecting thru to a company
> VPN. I also dial into several devices that have modems only--no IP
> connection possible to those--using either a "dumb" terminal emulation
> program or a proprietary access program.

> I should be able to access the VPN thru a wireless highspeed data
> network BUT the dialup modems are the problem.

Someone posted a map of the wireless access points available in a San Diego
harbor area. You are probably covered on that side.

On the modem stuff... is this really dumb modem? If your ISP had dialout
modems available, would you be able to use a simple Unix tip or kermit?
Or, is there a land-based place where you could have a windows box
available for your use? I connect to my office PC via VPN from my wireless
laptop, using Windows RDC, which is "almost like being there" ;-)
I have pretty snappy response, and since my desktop is a WinXP box, I can
copy files back to my laptop at \\tsclient\c.

Maybe someone in the Kermit group knows more about the modem emulation.
I've taken the liberty of crossposting this to that group.

Clarence A Dold - Hidden Valley (Lake County) CA USA 38.8-122.5