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> "Jeffrey Altman [Road Runner NYC]" wrote:
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> > FTP requires the use of two sockets. One for the command channel and
> > one for the data channel. Your attempt to establish the data channel is
> > being blocked. Most likely your firewall is configured to block
> > outbound connections to arbitrary ports.
> >
> > You will need to configure Kermit to use an HTTP Proxy Server or SOCKS.

> ...[omissin]...
> I thought I was going to write why not use PASV mode of ftp originally.
> But then I got curious and tried to see how I enabled PASV mode
> inside Kermit. I found that KERMIT indeed uses/issues PASV mode
> internally
> without being told so.
> Since use of PASV requires the
> cooperation of ftp server in question (some ftp servers may not
> be configured to allow PASV or doesn't support PASV
> at all), use of PASV does not solve firewall problem always.
> (I just found out that my ISP's ftp doesn't seem to grok PASV.)
> So, for the original question,
> it is indeed good if HTTP Proxy Server and/or SOCKS proxy
> is available or that the firewall is a flexible and
> powerful one such as Firewall-1, etc..

Belated thanks for both replies - turned out I needed to set passive
mode off to talk to a particular site.