Ron Heiby wrote:
> (Jeffrey Altman) wrote:
>>... only for backward compatibility with ... the documentation....

> I love it! Do you mind if I use this? :-)
> More seriously, I had overlooked the SET TERMINAL KEY stuff. SET KEY on steroids!
> Anyway, if I read you correctly, the private command is setting the preferred default
> value for the backspace key per the GUI interface choice. However, since I had an
> explicit "set key" in the init file, that was overriding the default value being read
> in later in the initialization process. Since the later command was only for setting
> the default value, it did not override the explicit value I had already set. I imagine
> that a SET TERMINAL KEY command would have also been used in preference to the private
> command's default setting.

The SET BACKSPACE alters the SET TERMINAL KEY values for all terminals.
What it does not do is erase any value that might have been set via
SET KEY. To prevent this problem from affecting other users in the
future I will make that change now. Changing the backspace value will
erase the SET KEY definition.

Jeffrey Altman
Volunteer Kermit Developer