jcluthe@gmail.com wrote:
> I need to convert data that I'm getting via serial port to a .csv file
> on the fly all day every day. Anyone know how to make this happen in
> the simplest way possible? Can sed listen on a serial port? I
> understand how sed works, but I have never really used it. I have
> access to several different O/S's and lots of hardware, I prefer to do
> this in RHEL5 to keep the cyber security folks happy.......We have a
> satellite up2date server ...etc.etc. but I could run Fedora if needed.

I used kermit to log serial data to a file constantly, switching log files
every midnight. It could also stream to a pipe, so you could manipulate
the data on the fly, if the built in scripting wasn't enough.

It's probably on your Linux distro already.

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