hi there

i have implemented a CListCtrl which displays graphic images as normal

i have created for each item in the list several images relating to
unselected, selected, drophilited, and hover states, and have written
the code to update the image item index when the appropriate events

all is going well, except i have one last 'issue' i would like resolve
- when an item is selected in LVS_ICON mode in a CListCtrl, the icon's
text is painted white on blue, and the icon has some kind of 'mask'
applied to it to appear selected - i would like to prevent the icon
(which is my image file) from being 'masked' , as it ruins the image
visually - i would just like the setting of the item's image (which i
already do) to give visual feedback to the user

how would i go about doing this?

ta muchly