Hi all, I would like to create a custome version of a driver interface
like mouse driver. It usually has few tabs with customization options.
What would be needed to create a custom interface like this:
1. the whole driver would have to be created from scratch?
2. driver core stays the same and then just the interface is recreated
and recompiled?
3. is there a mouse (like MS intellimouse driver) driver sample or code
(that can be utilized) available or does it have to be reacreated from

Ideally I would need some kind of overlay for the mouse driver that
would use exactly the same functions as Intellimouse but with a updated
interface (few graphical changes or touchups for easy access to
orientation, mouse speed etc).

Haw can this be accomplished in a simplest way? I'm not a programmer
but would gladly use (hopefully ) some programmers assistance. What
skills such programmer should have (and knowledge of): VB, VC++, DDK
(just guessing). What to look for?
I can create graphical side of it, need someone with expertise to put
this together.

Any advice highly appreciated.