In the mainframe I created a hidden modeless dialog which I will show
================================================== =================
void CMainFrame::ShowModeless()
pDlg = new CModeless;

//make desktop the parent since I don't want it to always be on top
pDlg->Create(IDD_MODELESS, CWnd::GetDesktopWindow());

pDlg->MoveWindow(0, 0, 0, 0);
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Then I'm going to pop up modal dialogs, each will reference the
modeless dialog and show it. I want the modeless dialog to not always
be on top of the screen so I made the desktop its parent, but I want
modeless dialog to be on top of the modal dialogs when I pop it up. If
I don't make the desktop the parent of the modeless dialog, it always
stays on top of the screen even when I switch program. I'm can't seem
to set the focus of the modeless dialog when the modal dialog pops up.
I tried doing the following:

================================================== =================
BOOL CMyModalDialog::OnInitDialog()
//blah blah blah

((CMainFrame*) AfxGetMainWnd())->pDlg->SetWindowPos(&wndNoTopMost, myx,
myy, mywidth, myheight, SWP_SHOWWINDOW);
((CMainFrame*) AfxGetMainWnd())->pDlg->SetFocus();//This doesn't work
((CMainFrame*) AfxGetMainWnd())->pDlg->BringToTop();//This doesn't work
(CMainFrame*) AfxGetMainWnd())->pDlg->PostMessage(WM_SETFOCUS);//This
doesn't work, maybe I'm not using this one correct
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Thanks in advance, especially you, AliR!