I have an MFC app with two edit boxes ( CEdit ) side-by-side ( they also
have the same dimensions ) What I want to do is have one box's contents
and scroll bar move as the scroll bar and contents move in the other
box. Basically, the user inputs information ( line by line ) in one
edit box (right-side) that directly corresponds to a value in the other
edit box (left-side). When the user gets to the end of the right-side
edit box and scrolling needs to take place, I want the left-side edit
box to scroll as well so the user can continue to input information for
the corresponding line in the other edit box. Right now I'm mapping
the scroll event for the right-side edit box and trying to change the
value of the scrollbar for the left-side edit box when this occurs. The
only thing that is working is that the scrollbar in the left-side edit
box moves when the contents are scrolled in the right-side edit box, but
the scrollbar is the 'only' thing that moves; that is, the data in the
left-side edit box does not scroll down. ( I'm using SetScrollPos() )

So, I guess my question is, how do I get the contents of the window to
move with the scrollbar when I'm using SetScrollPos() so that the two
edit boxes always synch up, or am I going about this the wrong way, is
there something else I need to be doing besides just calling
SetScrollPos() ?