Hi all,

I've a problem using CRichEditCtrl 2.0.
I want to format text in columns in the control. I can do it with RTF
tables. If i try the RTF code in WordPad it works well then if i try
the same code in the RichEdit the text in cells doesn't wrap and
continue on the same line overwriting anythings on the way.

There's a BUG in the RichEditCtrl?
How can i solve the problem?
Is there another MFC or free class to do the same things?

This is a sample of my RTF

this is a long text line that would wrap \cell\cell\row

Then i've added a string var to the RichEdit control, put the RTF in
the var and do UpdateData(FALSE);
Is there something wrong?
Anyway i've tryed it manually with copy and past and doen't work.

I hope someone can help me quickly before i become mad.