Seattle, WA -- Seattle-based Reliable SoftwareŽ announces the release
their Windows Library into the public domain. Reliable Software Windows
Library, RSWL, is the foundation for their compact, feature rich
applications including the flagship product, Code Co-op. The use of
RSWL in both individual and commercial products is free and not
restricted to public domain projects.

RSWL provides a thin, easy to understand, object-oriented layer
encapsulating the Windows API. Its architecture is based on the ideas
described in the book "C++ in Action, Industrial Strength Programming
Techniques" (Addison-Wesley 2001). Besides including the encapsulation
of basic Windows infrastructure, like handles, message loops, Window
classes and instances, dialog boxes, and Windows controls; it also
provides sub-libraries for many of the Windows subsystems. There is a
compact graphics library built around GDI, a file library that includes
memory-mapped files, a thread library with synchronization primitives,
a network library including FTP, BITS, SMTP and POP3, and many others.
More information can be found online at

Reliable Software uses a novel mechanism for the distribution of RSWL
sources and updates using a free, e-mail based, version of its own
distributed version control system, Code Co-op.

Reliable Software's contributions to the development community go
beyond Code Co-op. On their website, they provide extensive information
for developers, including tutorials, discussion forums, and an on-line
book. The founder of Reliable Software is the author of "C++ in Action"
and a regular contributor to various trade magazines.