can someone tell me, how I can send a WM_PAINT or another message to
the web control of a CDHTMLDialog?

The reason is: I have a html-dialog with some form elements which I
update rapidly several times. This update seems to work fine and the
web-control does a WM_PAINT for each update (checked with SPY++). But
occasionally this update hangs and does not continue until I move my
mouse over the dialog. During this problem now WM_PAINT messages are
generated by or sent to this web control. So I want to try and send
WM_PAINTs periodically to the web control.

But how can I do this? A WM_PAINT to the CDHTMLDialog does not work.
The web control does not get a WM_PAINT msg either. How can I get the
HWND of the web control embedded within the CDHTMLDialog?


PS: Pls also send me answers to my mail address when answering this