Hello MFC Programmers,

With the MFC App Wizard I first create one Dialog-Based Application.
This is one MFC Project, with one single Dialog.

Application type of Operator_02:
Dialog-Based Application targeting:

Classes to be created:
Application: COperator_02App in Operator_02.h and Operator_02.cpp
Dialog: COperator_02Dlg in Operator_02Dlg.h and Operator_02Dlg.cpp

+ 3D Controls
+ Uses shared DLL implementation (MFC42.DLL)
+ Localizable text in:
English [United States]

Then I again use the MFC App wizard to Add or append to the current
another Dialog based Form,

I don't know how many forms I need,
but I do need to be able to have several Dialog forms,
in one Project.

And to append other Dialog-Based forms to the Project workspace.

Its not like modal forms which are activated through a Button.

I don't know if it is a modeless dialog, but I think so.

How can I please use some keyboard command to navigate between
the appended Dialog forms of the project,

For instance like when using the Alt + Tab Buttons and switching
between different Applications.

I'd like to use the arrows on the cursor Block.

Yours Sincerely

Morten Gulbrandsen