I am currently having problems trying to catch the MouseMove messages
in Win98 in a CRichEditCtrl while the left mouse button is pressed. In
Windows 2k/XP the message handler works just fine, but in Win98 it
never catches the MouseMove message.

I have tried using the Spy Tool to view the messages and I see none.
Setting the options to "All Windows" and filtering all but mouse
messages, once the mouse button is pressed, all mouse messages stop.
Strangely enough, if I select to see all message and if I hold down
the mouse long enough, all messages stop. It is as if pressing the
mouse button in a CRichEditCtrl blocks all messages. However, in a
CEditCtrl, things work just fine.

I was wondering if there was a way to catch the MouseMove messages or
is it impossible. If so, is there a way to use the Win2k/XP version of
Rich Edit in a Win98 environment. I've tried copying the riched20.dll
and riched32.dll with no luck.

The reason I need a rich edit control is so I can have text select
while the control is not focused. If someone can suggest a quick and
easy method to do this, that would work just as well in my case.

Thanks in advance,
Derrick Chu