Hello all,

We have a labelling application (Visual C++, MDI) which is similar to
a word processor in some ways. We have a toolbar with buttons on to
add text, graphics, lines, barcodes etc to a label. Click on the
button, the properties dialog appears, set the field up, and then
click ok, and then click on the label where you want that field to go.

Ive been asked to add functionality to allow you to put the left mouse
down on one of these buttons, drag the mouse to the label, let go, and
have the properties dialog appear, then the field will automatically
appear where you let go of the mouse. Similar to the dialog editor
toolbox in Visual C++.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to achieve this? Ive read
about COleDataSource, and COleDropTarget, but am not sure I need it to
be that advanced. Cant I just catch left mouse down, change icon, wait
for left mouse up message, check if the mouse is above the label, and
if so invoke the correct properties dialog? Or something along those

Would be nice to do it the correct way, hence this post asking those
who know more about it.

Thanks in advance,