I didn't know which group to use for this question, so I have chosen 3. Hope
I haven't annoyed anyone!...

I'm using VC++ 6.0. I am writing an export facility to MS Project. I have
exported a bunch of tasks to MS Project. I have exported resource
information and successfully attached resources to the tasks.

Question 1:
I have had to do this all by guess work as I can't find any help system
anywhere that says which methods do what and what parameter types to use. Is
there a help system detailing what methods are available to C++ through OLE,
as I am sick of having to randomly guess which of the various OLE
methods/classes to use!!

I currently open up the target application (have linked to Excel also). I
open the VB editor and read through the object browser. This offers a little
help, but the methods available through OLE usually don't quite match the VB

Question 2:
How do I export task dependencies? I found a method - AddSuccessor on the MS
project "Task" class, but when I call it and pass the name of another task
in as the parameter it just throws a COleDispatchException with error, "The
value is not valid".

I have found 2 other classes - TaskDependency and TaskDependencies, but I
can't get them to work either.

HELP !!!