I run into a big problem trying to program an OLE Automation dll with
VC++ 6.0
I'm pretty new with MFC programming, perhaps my problem is trivial,
but I'll ask anyway.

Ok. I'm trying to program a C++ DLL which I can then use with VB. The
dll is a control to read and write ID3 tag data from mp3's.
What I have now is a base Mp3File class, which contains the file
information, and methods to open, close file. I also have an ID3Tag
class, which contains various methods and properties to get / set ID3
tag information. Two properties of this class are of type CID3V1 and
CID3V2 class, other two classes I created to hold properties and
methods for the different versions of ID3 Tags.
What I want now is to create a Property of the CMP3File class of type

class CMp3File {
CID3Tags m_cTags;

which I can also access through OLE Automation! What I want to be able
to do in VB is "x = Obj1.Obj2.Property" or viceversa,
"Ob1.Obj2.Property = x".
How can I accomplish this?

I found this article:

It even works, I can access Obj2 and its properties through Obj1! BUT,
in VB, when I type Obj1.Obj2. --> Obj2's properties don't appear on
the selection list

Any hints?
Thanks a lot!
"newbie mfc programmer" Bernardo

p.s.: I am creating a dll through the AppWizard -> MFC dll ->
Automation checked