What's It
FlashIME is short-hand or auto-complete software which helps to input
words and sentences more quickly. FlashIME integrates both
auto-complete and text-template features in one solution.


online demo video(gif,flash, avi) available

You can choose from several marching candidates instead to accept only

Each candidate has a unique hotkey

You can configure everything

One click to make dictionary from clipboard

Support both case sensitive and insensitive marching algorithm

No limit on anything. For example, you can get as many candidates as
you like (10,000? 20,000? or 100,000? Of course not 250!).

Less memory and more efficient. Only about 40K memory (or less) costed
to get 10,000 candidates, even when every candidate is a long article.
Our core technology and algorithm make such operation very quick.

Open-source all the low-layer modules. Open dictionary file format. We
know you were concerned about your data. The best way to keep your
data safe is to open our source, algorithm, data format.

Free dictionaries are provided (Python, Perl, VC, VB, Borland VCL
....). We only provide you big dictionaries. For example, one of our
dictionaries (english.db) has more than 9,000 words.