I have the followings:
1. A Dll with a custom control (ControlDll.dll)
2. A dll with a dialog using the custom control (DialogDll.dll)
3. An exe that uses the dialog from DialogDll.dll

The control is register nicely like all custom controls using

When i run the exe, it failed (the dialog was not displayed), what i did is
the following:
Checked teh 'no fail create' to see where it failed, and found out it could
not find the control from the ID while in 'PrepareCtrl' of the DDX_Control
of my custom control.

I then created another dialog, this time in the exe, which uses the same
custom control from the ControlDll.dll, and it worked!

It seems that the nesting of dll within dll, and the custom control
registration some how got lost

Any help will be wolcome!