I'm trying to create an application which needs to load information from an
FTP server every 5 minutes or so (which is when it is changed). The problem
I'm having is that it loads the data fine when the program starts (the very
first attempt), but every time subsequent to that it does not load the new
information available (it's in the same file which just has the new
information added). It connects to the file and continues to load in the
old data every time but it is not getting the new information.

I do reset all of the variables, close all of the connections used and clean
up all of the objects that I use (CInternetSession, CFtpConnection,
CFtpFileFind, CInternetFile) when I am done with them.

The only time it will load the new information is when I clear the Temporary
Internet Files in Internet Explorer. At which point it will get the new
information and the same problem will resume on every subsequent load
attempt. In an effort to try to avoid any caching problems I have also set
the flag on the CInternetSession object to indicate that it is not to use
the cache (done by
INTERNET_FLAG_DONT_CACHE)). I've also done a search to see if the file to
be loaded exists anywhere on my machine and it does not.

The application is a console application being developed in Visual C++ 7.0
on Visual Studio.Net (using MFC). It is being developed on a machine
running Windows XP Professional with Internet Explorer 6.0.

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this problem it would be greatly