My program uses VC6 SP5 with MFC. I have been experiencing "Access denied"
problems on a remote network drive when a user saves an existing file from a
workstation to a W2000 server that has Active Directory installed. I have
found that I can overcome the problem by overriding the
CDocument::GetFile() function and using the version of CMirrorFile::Open()
from VC7. I have not been able to determine why the VC7 code works while
the VC6 does not. Any suggestions?

Both VC6 and VC7 use call to the superseded GetDiskFreeSpace() rather than
GetDiskFreeSpaceEx() when checking for the amount of free space on a disk.
It would seem that this could give rise to problems on disks larger than 2
Should I override MFC functions containg GetDiskFreeSpace() calls with ones
using GetDiskFreeSpaceEx()?


Richard C