I have a problem that has been bugging me for some time now. I have a
view inside of a tab control and inside the view i create a bunch of
child dialogs. The problem is i can't do anything with the child
dialogs. I can't click on a dialog. I can't click on a button that
is on the dialog. It is almost as if the dialog is not there. When i
run Spy++ the finder thing doesn't even find the dialogs. It finds
the view inside the tab control, but it doesn't find the dialogs. My
guess is the dialogs are getting painted over, but the screen is not
refreshing. Any ideas for some things i can look for that might
help. If i make the dialogs WS_POPUP instead of WS_CHILD everything
works fine, but i really want the dialogs to be children of the view.
Thanks for any help you give me.