I need to retrieve data from 2 tables which one of the fields is a
total. i use my own recordset(which inherit from Crecordset ), and i
bind the coloms in DoFieldExchange.
now i need to get the field from my recordset but the field which
contain the sum function retrieve 0.

This is my select from the 2 tabels tPlan and tUser :
(SELECT tPlan.ID, Sum(tUser.SpaceUsed) AS SumOfSpaceUsed,FROM tPlan
INNER JOIN tUser ON tPlan.ID = tUser.PlanID

i use this way:
void CPlanUserSet :oFieldExchange( CFieldExchange* pFX )

RFX_Int (pFX,"tPlan.ID",plan_user.m_Pid);
RFX_Int (pFX,"tUser.SpaceUsed",plan_user.m_SpaceUsed );

The id field is retrieved but not the Sum of spaceUsed
Any idea ???