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> Hello, All!
> Have a problem. I'm developing an application which reading a large database
> file (DBF) and displaying it in the list control. Because of the size of the
> file (>15 MB, later it will be increased) I'm using a virtual list (owner
> data).
> But now I need to sort data in the list. AFAIK to perfirm this I should read
> the whole file. In this case my program starts several minutes!!! It doesn't
> have to be like this [(C) Pink Floyd]...
> Is there any methods to load a large amount of data as quickly as possible?
> Or I just should humble, 'cause sorting of large amount of data cannot be
> performed in seconds?

I would think about using an index -- a separate file that tells what
order the records should appear in when sorted by a particular field.
You can keep a number of indices all up-to-date at once, so "sorting" by
a different field only requires reading the records you'll be


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