hi everybody!

herez the thing: i'm working on an instant messenger based on the
great NDK set of classes (Network Development Kit - you can check it
out at www.codeproject.com). things are doing great, except for one
thing.. my intended audience lives in croatia (www.hr) and everyone
here has DHCP, and i mean heavy DHCP - if you reconnect in a matter of
seconds, you get a new IP!

so, how am i supposed to create a p2p app, if my users are changing
their IPs every day? i don't have any servers available for
maintaining user list online, it has to be "strictly" peer-to-peer, no
server of any kind available.

if i can't do that, how to maintain my "buddy list" in the address

any suggestions are most appreciable.... :-)


p.s. how do you add that NOSPAM thing into your email? i keep
receiving spam all the time..