Hello all,

I am a newbie to Visual C++ and my knowledge of MFC is still only on
the level of "Teach Yourself Visual C++ in 21 Days" by Gurevich, so I
hope somebody could help me here. I have made a dialog-based
application with several edit boxes that are supposed to be filled
with filenames. Now what I want to do is to put a button next to each
of these edit boxes and label them "Browse". When the user presses
this browse button, it will pop up a window where you can browse your
folders and find the file that you want. The question is how do I do

Also, BTW, how do I set it so that, in edit boxes, when I type the
Return key it runs a function (MessageBox, etc) instead of closing the
application. I have tried using PreTranslateMessage but it seems to
apply to the whole application. How do I do PreTranslateMessage that
apply only to a specific edit box?