Hi -
I am trying to get the Windows media player activex control to
autoplay once i insert an audiocd into the cdrom/dvdrom drive. But i
have not been successfull till now.
I have tried the following:
I am able to get the drive name(ex: f upon inserting a media into
the cdrom drive.
But i am not able to get the file list or the first file in the drive.
Get a error "invalid path" or "invalid parameter".
When i cross checked from Windows explorer, i found the the cdrom
drive was not accessible at this point although i can access it after
a little while. Looks like the cd filesystem is not mounted.
Any suggesstions on how do i go about it? Is there a way to mount the
cd filesystem in Windows before i access the files?
OR is there any other approach for autoplay?
I am using Win 2K and V Studio6.0

Thanks for your time.