WildcatWarrior wrote:
> On to my question: I have my seperate dll new CDao***** objects , and
> then use them from within our main application's executable. My
> question is that if I make a member function call to a CDao**** object
> that was created in the dll from WITHIN my executable (different
> version of MFC), which version of MFC code will get executed?? (the
> MFC from the DLL or the MFC from our Application?)
> Any thoughts about this issue would be welcome! Thanks in Advance!

If an object was created in the DLL then all member calls (from
anywhere) will use the code in the DLL, which in your case means they
will go to the dynamically linked MFC.

The problem you'll probably run into is that your DLL and your exe each
have an independent memory manager. Memory allocated in one cannot be
freed in the other. If you pass a CString across the interface, for
example, you cannot do anything that would attempt to resize the string
because this would use new and delete, which are not member calls.

Scott McPhillips [VC++ MVP]