I'm in the process of trying to convert an old app so that it is network
friendly and will facilitate installation with the min effort from network
support staff. The app is designed for education, so the 'end users' will
generally be non-technical and should not be involved with any part of the
installation process.

From my understanding of what I have read, the easiest way to install
software to a network is via the .msi package route, this is fine as we use
Installshield that generates .msi setup packages. The software will likely
be assigned to groups of users.

However, we are confused over two issues concerning what is possible using
this method.

Firstly: Our normal installation routine requests data from the user
(network technician) concerning the network, that is then stored in an ini
file and used by our app. Is this kind of interaction with the network
support staff possible before the package is assigned? ie so that the actual
user is not involved? Or is it more normal to request the network staff
installing the software, should edit a config file before assigning the

Secondly: Our application is a 'try before buy' that would normally require
registering 21 days after the it has first been run. In order to check
whether the software is licenced registry keys are checked for certain data.
Am I correct in saying that this would require each user entering the
licence key?

Sorry for what may appear as daft questions.

Many thanks to those that take the time to answer!