Hello all,

I have made a simple socket test program for Pocket PC 2003 (Windows
embedded visual c++ 4.0).
My client and server socket classes are derived from CAsyncSocket.
Connect function returns success status.
But OnConnect and OnAccept function is not called.

The code snippet is given below

// create client socket
m_clientSocket = new CClientSocket();

// connect to the server
LPCTSTR lpszHostAddress = L""; bool error = false;
error = m_clientSocket->Connect(lpszHostAddress, 8003);

// server socket create
pConcatenator->m_serverSocket = new CServerSocket();
stat = pConcatenator->m_serverSocket->Create(8003);
stat = pConcatenator->m_serverSocket->Listen( );

Can some body help me in resolving this issue.