Hi -

We've got a legacy system that communicates over LanTastic to DOS and Win9x
PCs. We use LanTastic file shares; we also use NetBIOS connections and

Our old, 16-bit legacy code uses DOS interrupts. We're trying to adapt our
new, 32-bit code to use the "Netbios()" API that comes with the Microsoft
Platform SDK. It works just fine if we execute the new 32-bit exe's under
Win9x (using LanTastic 8.01)

But the *same* executables *fail* (or hang) if we execute under Windows/XP!

Does anybody out there have any experience using the Microsoft Netbios API
under Windows/XP?

Or can anybody suggest an alternative way of communicating over LanTastic
(to legacy clients) from Windows/XP?

Thank you very much in advance .. Paul Santa Maria