Learning Assembly Language Programming for 5

"Max is 6' 1" tall, outrageously handsome, English and proud of

"Alvin is a well-travelled English gentleman, being born in Assam, India

where his father managed several tea plantations....."

Bebop Bytes Back is their first attempt at a collaborative venture.
Surprisingly, they are still talking to each other!

So begins what I think is one of the best books that I have ever read on
what really makes computers tick. Containing a fully functional
Internet-ready virtual computer this book takes you through a series of
chapters - beginning with Chapter 0 'just to keep in with the spirit of the
subject'. There are excellent and detailed explanations of how computers
work at a component level. This is supported by interactive video clips
support active laboratory work on the virtual computer. It is here that you
will learn to write and understand Assembly Language. Starting with a bank
of switches, just like they did on the first computers built, before you
progress to using a hexadecimal keypad and the keyboard to enter assembly
language code using both machine code and assembly mnemonics. End of chapter
quizzes with questions such as 'What colour socks did some Vikings wear?'
keep the wacky narrative flowing. This is not a trivial book by the end you
will have learnt what really makes computers tick and have a lot of fun
doing it.

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