this seems like a typical problem with some invalid header fields such as
invalid content-length or a typo in one of the names of the header field.

"Ioan Cordos" wrote in message om...
> I am developing a HTTP server. I am using blocking sockets. To test it
> i use Internet Explorer. Here is the problem : IE opens a socket to
> send me a request. I do recv on this socket but no data is coming.
> This happens only sometimes, randomly. To be more specific, let's say
> IE requests a page. My server gets the request and sends a response
> with the page. Let's say it's a page with lots of pictures. IE starts
> to request pictures. I get request for a couple of pictures and I send
> them back. And at some time, boom, the call to recv blocks, and my
> server is waiting and IE just waits for the picture forever.
> Eventually the call to recv unblocks but there is no data received and
> WsaGetLastError returns 0. I close the socket but internet explorer
> still waits for that picture.