Hello all,

I was curious if anyone out there is familiar with TDI. Is Thomas Divine
listening? I want to do a TDI based sniffer. I have already done so for
intermediate NDIS, but that doesn't work with dial-up connections. I found
the source to tdi_fw which is a public domain TDI fire-wall. I wrote my own
application to talk to their TDI driver. I can get it to see some things,
but not much. Certainly not near anything that I know is being sent and
received. The driver and service are difficult to read and understand. There
is no build files with the driver, so I can't even rebuild it easily for
testing. My main goal here is to check up on my own network traffic. I
realize there is no such thing as promiscuous mode like with Ethernet. I
would be very grateful for any pointers or help. Examples would be great.

Adam Messer