Is there a freebie that's able to convert a directory tree of arbitrary
HTML files into a hierarchical CHM file? Many apps use the HTMl Help
Compiler (hhc.exe) internally but I'd like something that can create the
project files for it programmatically, given a dir with subdirs, html
and css linked to in the HTML files.

For HTml files that are real long, it would be great if the converter
could look at the structure, and create subtopics based on the heading
levels, such that those topics jump to anchors further in the same HTML
page - this would require modding the HTML code in most cases. Another
great feature would be getting the topic name from the h1 heading, title
or filename, in order of precedence, as well as using the folder name as
the containing heading name.

Provided that no such converter exists, I suppose it would be possible
to create a script that does it, having seen Python scripts that are
specifically tailored for converting Java Doc. I'm actually a Perl
programmer and interested in reading its docs in CHM, but the only CHM
module that language has is broken and unfinished, and OT here anyway. I
also program Windows with Perl, and might post more on-topic questions
about Win32 internals in the future. having subscribed here.

Another question, is there a spec or tutorial telling a fellow
programmer what needs to go in the various intermediat files for hhc.exe
to do its magic? I've Googled with relatively bad luck and am not very
good at reading Python. The intermediate files don't seem to be very
well documented in the HTMl Workshop the assumption being that you use
its clunky GUI, I suppose. But as you know

PS: Not sure if this is the right group but I decided to ask here, since
the WinHelp group seems pretty silent to me, and my server has no group
on CHM particularly.

With kind regards Veli-Pekka Tštilš (vtatila@mail.student.oulu.fi)
Accessibility, game music, synthesizers and programming: