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> Hendrik van der Heijden wrote:
> (snip about program timing)
>> I found the Intel VTune application to be very helpful. It can
>> run your program (with debug information), samples the CPU
>> performance counters and then gives you a list of all functions
>> and the CPU time (clocks) spend in each function. For each funtion,
>> you can see the CPU clocks spend per source line or per assembly
>> operation.

> I would wonder a little if RDTSC for each statement wouldn't
> be enough to actually effect the execution time. That is, it
> changes the possible pipelining such that the timing may be somewhat
> different. Still, it does sound like a good place to start.
> -- glen

How about page fault, caching, etc.? Are there tools for it? First on
Windows platform, then on Linux box?