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> C/C++ speed optimization bible/resources/pointers needed!
> Hi all,
> I am in the middle of programming to solve an engineering problem
> where the speed is huge concern. The project involving lots of
> numerical integration and then there are several loops/levels of
> optimization on top of the function evaluation engine. As you probably
> know, the key to a successful optimization is a fast underlying
> objective function evaluator. The faster it is, the more promising the
> optimization result(perhaps global optimal). However our project
> requires many numerical integrations which prohibits us from making it
> super fast. At the heart of the numerical integration is a smart
> integrator and a super-fast integrand function evaluator. Even worse,
> our function evaluation is in complex-domain. So the kay point is how
> to arrange our C/C++ code to make it highly efficient in every aspect.
> Could anybody give some advice/pointers on how to improve the speed of
> C/C++ program? How to arrange code? How to make it highly efficient
> and super fast? What options do I have if I don't have luxury to use
> multi-threaded, multi-core or distributed computing? But I do have a
> P4 at least. Please recommend some good bibles and resources! Thank
> you!

Since I have been confined to work on Win32+P4, so I post this post to the
windows programming groups, hopefully those experts will reach out and help