Sat 21-Oct-2006: I have once again updated my command-line script
FAQ collection:

179284 Oct 21 2006 Useful NT/2000/XP script tricks and tips, T.Salmi

Added the alternative input option besides dd mm yyyy for
"DATEINFO.CMD Display date related information"
Also added a weak date locale test to DATEINFO.CMD.

Added the following new items to the FAQ file 1CMDFAQ.TXT
150} How can I extract the http and ftp URL:s from an HTML file?
151} Extract the lines of a text file from between to marker-lines?
152} How can I remove all !:s and &:s from a text file with a script?
153} How do I test if my Internet connection to an IP is working?

Added yet another option script-only to
1} How to get today's date elements into environment variables?

All the best, Timo

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