Hopefully this is the correct newsgroup to post this. I am hopeful
that some of the influential programmers at Microsoft will heed this
advice and ensure Vista has this capability and preferably make it an
installable utility that could be put on XP too:

Please limit the amount of processor utilization the file system search
tool can consume. This also applies to other resource intensive
utilities like defrag or scandisk etc. I don't understand why these
tools can drive cpu utilization to 100% and essentially render the
computer unuseable for other programs that are running. When I fire up
Task Manager, it should have more priority than any other program
running on the computer (except the OS) and be able to kill any other
processes quickly and easily...

It's hard to believe that after all these years of Windows operating
systems this has not been addressed before.

Ideally, it would be fantastic if we (Users) could throttle the amount
of resources used by each and every installed program with a utility
that makes this as simple as button or slide bar. No program should be
able to consume all processor cycles ever, the cut off could be as high
as 99% utilization as long as it leaves enough for system tools to be
responsive to stop commands...

If there are better newsgroups to post this, pleasemake me aware of
them and I will gladly post it there too.