Hello, hoping someone has experience with this:

I've got WinXP Pro x64 installed on a AMD64. I would like to try my
hand at developing win32 apps first using the Petzold book, then work
my way into 64 bit dev. I've been told I should be able to do this on
WinXP x64 with VC++ express. However, an attempt to install the x86
SDK gives this error: "Error: Setup was started in a non-native or WoW
environment. Please run the setup package that is appropriate for your
operating system installation"

I then downloaded the AMD64 SDK and installed from the web...well, I
thought I had...but when I went into the "Program Files\Microsoft SDK"
folder (after getting a success message) I discovered that none of the
sub-directories (include, bin, etc) had installed there. I found them
one level up in the Program Files directory.

Any suggestions?