Using Windows XP Pro, I just noticed that the 'Accessed' timestamp on
files is not always updated when being viewed in a file's properties
dialog. For instance on a .cfg file when I check the last accessed
time 5 times in a row and it states 1:46:36 PM every time even though
it is now 1:52. Checking calc.exe the first time it displayed 1:40:21
PM and the second time it gave me the correct time of 1:53:53 PM. Is
this some kind of bug?

The reason I ask is that I am writing a program that uses
FileSystemWatcher that will depend on the Accessed property being
updated every time a file is accessed, not just 'some of the time'.

I wonder, is there is a time delay issue involved? Does XP sometimes
intentionally refuse to update the accessed property on some files if
you check it repeatedly?

Do I have to do workaround to get the updated info? To troubleshoot, I
used a utility called fileTweak to work on the .cfg file that simply
was not updating the Accessed time. I used fileTweak to change the
Accessed to one hour prior. The first time I accessed the file after
that I got the old 1 hour ago time, but then the second time I got the
correct current time. I could implement this programmatically I
suppose. Not an ideal solution, but at least it's consistent. Is
there a better solution?