hi all..

i finished developing an application for drawing figures like
rectangle,circle and line..
its uses just OnDraw() and pDC..

Now i need to change the program so that it uses memory dc for drawing

the figures..
i need an urgent help for this... i tried doing it but i am not sure
of what i am doing..

these are the codes i tried plz give me idea hoew to go for this..

void CFinalView::OnDraw(CDC* pDC)
{ CDC dcmem;
//CDC dc;

CBitmap membmp;
//CBitmap* pOldbmp = dcmem.SelectObject(&membmp);

CRect newrect(0, 0, m_length,m_width);
pDC->Rectangle(0, 0, m_length,m_width);
//pDC->FillRect(&newrect, &newBrush);



This code is not drawing in the view window....

Thanks for your help...