Dear Developers,

We would like to introduce GIPALS32 - Linear Programming Library for
Win32 platform. The library brings to your applications the power to
solve any kind of linear programming tasks that arise in many
optimization areas. GIPALS32 is based on an efficient Primal-Dual
Interior-Point method that is known to be more robust than traditional
Simplex method especially for large problems consisting of hundreds of
thousand variables and constrains.
The library includes well-commented header files and several examples
for Microsoft VC++, Borland Delphi and Microsoft VB. We made the
programming interface as simple and intuitive as possible and ready to
integration to your application right away.
The library is distributed on Try-Before Buy (Shareware) base and has
30-days trial period. GIPALS32 is available for download from our
website at URL:

Denis Smirnov
Optimalon Software