I don't know if this is the right group for this question. Any
suggestions as to another group would be appreciated. I would like to
know how to use the Indexing Service, and where it is documented.
When I look at Folder Properties, one of the Advanced Attributes
specifies that for fast searching, Index Services should be allowed to
search the folder. I assume that this refers to a keyword index. If
I try to search Microsoft Help, I see references in Word to indexes,
and references in Access to indexes. However, a Word index is a
back-of-the-book table of indexed terms. An Access index is a B-tree
or similar structure used for retrieval on a column basis.

I see how to select a folder that can be searched using the Index
Service. How do I start the Index Service to index documents in a
folder to speed up their searching?

- - Bob McClenon